Music Playlists

Unfortunately, when Grooveshark closed down, it took with it all of my playlists. This has been rather distressing, as I lost countless hours of music listening, gathering, and arranging effort. And, even more unfortunate, I'm afraid I don't have an answer yet as to how to fix this feature of my site. Whatever I come up with, it'll likely take some time to get a similar library built up again. In the meantime, please enjoy the menus, recipes, and other posts!

To access all of my music collections, (complete or in-progress,) and make any desired changes for your event, please visit the Janna Patterson Playlists page on Grooveshark.

Formal Occasions

La Vie en Rose (See this on Grooveshark)

Global Tunes

"Il Viaggio" (See this on Grooveshark)


Anniversary or Valentine's Day
"I Wished for You" (See this on Grooveshark)I Wished For You by Janna Patterson on Grooveshark


"Classic Christmas" (See this on Grooveshark)

Social Occasions

BBQ or Casual Outdoor Gathering
"Today's BBQ" (See this on Grooveshark)
Fast Friends by Janna Patterson on Grooveshark

One-on-One, No-Fuss Breakfast

"Rainy Day" (See this on Grooveshark)
Rainy Day by Janna Patterson on Grooveshark

Please note that any alterations I make to my playlists through Grooveshark update these widgets automatically. Please be patient if you come across an occasional anomaly; chances are I'm in the middle of tweaking the collection.