Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kate's Greatest Hits

We have a special family edition of Eats and Beats today, because we celebrated our Kate's 3rd birthday last weekend! I wish you could all know this kid, because she's so clever and smart and artistic... and hilarious. She's said a lot of noteworthy stuff over the past year, and I'm going to share with you some of her greatest hits as documented on Facebook.

Kate: "Mama, I want you to go get a chewy star all by yourself, and I want to eat it all by myself."

Kate: "Mama, can you draw a bunny for me?"
Me: "Sure!" *draw, draw, draw* *hand it to Kate*
Kate: "That's a sad, sad, sad, sad bunny."

Me: "Kate, I think we should be done with diapers. I think you should just wear big girl underwear from now on and that we should just let Lou wear the diapers. ....What do you think about that?"
Kate: "I don't think about that."

Kate: "Mama, I finished my burrito!"
Me: "You did?"
Kate: "Uh-huh!"
Me: "Really?"
Kate: "Uh-huh!"
Me: "Both sides?"
Kate: "Uh-huh."
Me: "Are you telling me the truth?"
Kate: "No."

Kate's not feeling well, so I brought a sick bowl to her..
Kate: "No, mom, I don't want a bowl.
Me: "Well, you need a bowl in case you get sick, because you can't throw up on the blanket, or on the couch, or on the ipod."
Kate: "OR I could throw up on YOU."

Kate: 'I am a bumblebee. And I am your future."

Two firsts this morning.
1. Lou fell asleep while playing on the floor.
2. Kate decided to wake me up by sticking a pencil straight up my nose.

Kate, wearing bumblebee antennae on her head and dropping a box of Raisin Bran next to me: "Mama, the bumblebee is hungry."
Laughing, I get up and get her a bowl.
Kate: "Thank you, Mama Bumblebee."

Kate: "Mom, can we decorate the cookies with sprinkles?"
Me: "We have to make the cookies first. We're going to make heart-shaped cookies!"
Kate: "That's respectable."

Me: "Kate, do you like your cereal?"
Kate: "It's like plastic."

Kate: "Dad, I need to tell you something."
Shawn: "What?"
Kate: "Patience, dad. You can't just slide down the bed and swash into the water."

Kate to Lou: "Say something; I'm giving up on you."

Kate: "Mama, I'm making an illustration."
Me: "An illustration? What are you drawing?"
Kate: "Clusters. Clusters and clusters and clusters."

"Once upon a time there was a hungry bear, and one day he stopped eating with one of his mouths, and he couldn't see his horn cross the street. And then the rain started coming down and it was so hard to go to sleep. And what did the bear did? He stopped crying. The end." -Kate

Kate: "Lou is a turkey on Halloween Sunday. Try to understand."

As Kate was cutting paper with her little toddler scissors she said, "Cutting paper for a party is my job. It's my job. Because you don't cut for cutting. You cut for a party."         
"Well, today has been a big, fat shocker. Kate woke up and decided she wanted to wear undies. We have tested the potty training waters in the past with absolutely zero success. Zero. So I had no hopes for today. But, to my amazement, she used the toilet without even telling me she had to go, and had no accidents all day, even when we ran errands. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by announcing this in a semi-public forum.
The most amusing part of this was when Shawn came home and Kate ran to the door yelling, 'I'm going to pee for you! You are so excited! I'm going to show you how to pee!' And then she grabbed her little toilet, stripped naked and did it at his feet. Welcome home, Shawn.

Kate's Christmas list included:
"Toys I can turn. Turn, turn, turn."
"A blueberry treat"
"Cute mouses"

Kate, to me: "I want to get big like a monster..... like YOU!"
Oh, Kate.... I came downstairs from putting Louisa down for a nap, when Kate told me she had a birthday present for me... Then she reached into her pants, pulled out this invisible present, informed me that it was "homemade," and then told me to "suck it!" 

Kate jumped from the couch onto a soft surface below.
With a eyes wide and a big grin- "I jumped!"
Me, holding up my hands: "Double high five!"
Kate, with the same happy expression on her face. "No!"

Me: "I love you."
Kate: "I love Grandma."

As Kate was starting to get grumpy:
Shawn: "Kate, you were so happy! What happened?"
Kate: "I woke up."

Sometimes when Kate's laying in bed I'll tell her stories that I make up. Always when it's done she'll say, "Again!"
Today she was getting a little aggressive toward Louisa over a toy, so I asked her to apologize and share, which she did for a minute and then started to be rough with Louisa again. So I took the toy away and gave her a time out. When it was over I tried to reiterate what went wrong by reminding her of everything that had happened and then giving her the moral of the situation. When I was done she smiled and said, "Again!"

Kate pointing at a family of cats. "That's the daddy and the mama and the Louisas."

Me: "I need a hug."
Kate: "I need a chocolate."

Me: "Come get your diaper on and then we can watch your show."
Kate: "That's crazy talk."

After I dropped one of the few chocolate chips Kate and I had as a post-lunch treat:
Kate- "Let me help you with that."
She picked it up, ate it, and added, "There you go."

Kate and I were playing with an art game where she can fill in a picture using colored buttons. I helped her with one button, and she didn't like where I put it, because she said in a demanding tone, "No, mama! Doesn't go there!" I said, "Oh, sorry," and then added, "Can you speak nicely to mama, please?" She looked up at me and I could tell she was thinking hard what to say next. After about ten seconds she said, "I'm so proud of you." And then added, "Nice to meet you!"
Don't leave Kate alone with the strawberries
I like when Kate mixes up "scared" and "scary." She just hugged Louisa and sweetly whispered, "Don't be scary."

Kate just took something, covered my mouth with it and said, "All better."

When she was just 22 months old: 
Standing on a power adapter. Kate: "Crush it. Crush it."
Happy Birthday, Kate!         


  1. Oh my gosh! That just made my day!!!! Love that little girl. Hope she never changes.

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