Saturday, February 8, 2014

Music Playlist- Eiffel Tower, and COOKBOOK GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

Carla Bruni
I'm so sad to see this Valentine's Day collaboration with The Food Nanny come to an end. It's been such a blast. I'll just have to keep cooking her food so that I feel like she's still with me. :)

I have a very fun and colorful French music playlist to introduce to you, but before we get to that, I'd like to announce the two winners of the Food Nanny Rescues Dinner Again! giveaway. 

Josh who said, "I liked Eats and Beats on FB (cali)"
Ellie Roberts who said, "Awesome, I've been wanting this book, her first book I have is worn out! :) My kid's favorite is Friday, pizza night!"

Congratulations to the two winners! Email me at with your address and I'll make sure you got your new cookbook!

Now for the playlist. This collection is full of personality, (see Tout Dit,) and charm, (see Quelqu'un m'a dit,) and goes perfectly with the French Menu we just wrapped up. The vast majority of it is in French with only two songs, both by Nouvelle Vague, in English. I haven't the foggiest what any of them is singing about, but it sounds awfully sweet and spunky... except for one of the English songs, of course, which is called "This is Not a Love Song." But methinks the lady doth protest too much, and it really is about love. Or not. Either way, it's by a French artist and I like it.

Here's the full playlist:

{Eiffel Tower}

QUELQU'UN M'A DIT | Carla Bruni
THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG | Nouvelle Vague
LA CITRONNIER | Amélie-les-crayons
MON AMIE LA ROSE | Francoise Hardy
COMME DES ENFANTS |  Coeur de Pirate
PAS UNE DAME | Carla Bruni
LE FESTIN | Camille
LE TEMPS DE L'AMOUR | Francoise Hardy
POUR UN INFIDELE | Coeur de Pirate
L'EXCESSIVE | Carla Bruni
LE MANTEAUX | Amélie-les-crayons
IN A MANNER OF SPEAKING |  Nouvelle Vague 
LIBERTE | Carla Bruni
TOUT DIT | Camille
LE LINGE DE NOS MERES | Amélie-les-crayons
MA JEUNESSE | Carla Bruni

For now this playlist will be available on the home page of Eats and Beats on the right hand menu. You can just press the "play" icon and stream the music right from the site! It'll also be on the Music Playists tab within the next week. Hope it adds that little je ne sais qua to your Valentine's celebration.


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