Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"What to Wear, What to Wear..." Warm-Weather Brunch Edition

It took me a while to adjust to some of the freedoms and accompanying customs of the non-gainfully-employed woman. I stopped working at the beginning of my first pregnancy, and I remember how strange it felt to have other women (mostly at-home moms) invite me to lunch, and especially to brunch. I kept feeling that at any moment someone would come to hold me accountable for such a frivolous use of time

I live in an area where people really do use the words "Let's do brunch." Okay, I'd think to myself. So long as I'm allowed to enjoy myself, too. While brunch may be the meal of the privileged, (and the occasional straggler such as myself,) I think the general population needs to jump on board, 'cause brunch food is GOOOOOOOOD. At brunch you can eat stuff like prosciutto & brie croissants, mixed berry yogurt parfaits, and ebleskiver (small, sphere-shaped, filled pancakes.) Doesn't that sound like something you want to be part of on a regular basis?

If you're not sure what to wear at your next brunch appearance, I give you some of my favorite...


A bang-up job making gingham current. Love the mixed patterns and confident colors.
Anyone getting tired of the fedora and its cousins yet? Me neither! I saw lots while in Charleston last weekend and couldn't get enough. This look is easy and casual, but the crisp colors make it party-worthy... at least for brunch or lunch.

I mean, please. Does it get sweeter than this? I can't resist a womanly version of a young girl's look.

Ankle jeans are great, and especially in seasonal colors like this white, mint, or some of the fantastic bolder colors.

My mom will tell you that I have a hard-and-fast rule against wearing cartoons unless you're a pediatrician and they're on your scrubs. But look at this woman! I'm completely charmed.

The sea colors have been big for several years now, and I hope they're here to stay. The bright citrus colors in her flowers add extra interest to her look. I'd love to see some shoes or jewelry in that orange!

Linen pants and a slouchy top make a classic pair. Now if only linen wouldn't wrinkle...

Every table could use a Bohemian like her.

Oh, Valentino. You never disappoint.

Photo #2 Boden
Photo #3 Sunday Crossbow
Photo #6 Kerry's World
Photo #7 Whipped Style
Photo #8 The Pursuit Aesthetic
Photo #9 Bellazon

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