Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Incessant Thoughts of the Female Brain

One day while walking home from a Spanish class at college, I received a life lesson on the difference between the way (certain) boys and (many) girls think. It was late afternoon and a fellow Resident Assistant accompanied me as we headed toward the dining hall betwixt the half dozen freshman dorms we helped to staff. He asked me what was on my mind... I've since learned to hold back a bit, but at the time... I just said stuff.

Me: "Well, if you really want to know, I was thinking about El Coronel No Tiene Quien Le Escriba and how I can hardly understand a word from it because I'm much better at conversational Spanish than I am with Spanish literature, and that made me think about how I struggled in my Freshman class during an oral exam that I didn't realize at the time was an oral exam, but because I was being put on the spot at the time, my teacher went easier on me than the rest of the students and I ended up with an A, and then I thought about the shirt I had on that day which was sort of a salmon color, and, since I resist any image that might paint me as being too feminine, I made sure to always refer to it as my 'salmon-shirt' instead of my 'pink shirt,' which then lead me to the unfortunate memory of my friend's wedding where I ate salmon and afterward came down with a 24-hour bug, and I haven't been able to eat seafood since. But, still, what I remember most from that wedding was..... and then I got to wondering about this guy I've been writing to.... because, I'm not materialistic, but coupons on the first three dates? We could just kick around a soccer ball.... mostly I just have to live somewhere with all four seasons.... and she really didn't need to apologize, so I said.... and it turned into one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had in my life.... of course, Chubby Hubby is still one of my favorites, but why, oh, why did they discontinue Oatmeal Cookie Chunk?....  and so I'm thinking maybe I just need to rip off the bandage and change my major."
Spencer: "Wow... You were really thinking about all of that just then?"
Me: "Yeah. Why? What were you thinking about?"
Spencer: "I was just wondering what they were serving in The Canon Center for dinner."
Me: "That's it? Nothing else?"
Spencer: "Yep."
Me: "Rrrrrmmmmprshhhh...t.t.t... Righ-t."
Anyway, I was reminded of this aspect of my brain just now as I sat down to write this, because the past two weeks have been both busy and a bit unusual in nature for me, (including a 24-hour period in which I almost entirely lost my sense of taste,) and I feel like my thoughts are currently one brobdingnagian, (awesome word I learned yesterday,) speedy, jumbled mess, and I don't know where to begin.
Suffice to say, I feel challenged, inspired, inquisitive, uplifted, grateful, a bit overwhelmed... and terrified of ever losing my sense of taste permanently.

Enjoy the rest of these photos from our happy Memorial Day at the in-laws.

Just waking from a nap on the ride over.

Taking a break from food-prep.

A new friend!

The sun went into hiding, so Grandma and Grandpa helped to get the water nice and warm.

I get to see this sweet face every day.

Out of the pool and learning how to feed the fish.


  1. Beautiful photos and such thoughtful words. I love seeing you in one of the photos. Seeing your sweet girl with her loving grandparents warms my heart. The matching expressions on grandpa and his little girl is priceless. I love the photo of Grandma taking time out to capture memories. Beautiful post.

  2. How did you loose your sense of taste? That must have been quite concerning! (cali)

  3. Janna you are stunning! and of course so talented