Monday, March 4, 2013

"What to Wear, What to Wear...." Men's Edition

Blame it on my New England roots, but I always got weak in the knees for a guy in worn-out jeans, a faded tee and bare feet. Maybe a flannel, a hoodie, or a thermal top. Or a soccer uniform! Nothing trendy, nothing too preppy. I just like a no-fuss kind of guy. I know there are a lot of you ladies out there who're with me on this one. And you're probably also with me when I say it's nice to see that no-fuss guy all cleaned up for a night out.

Well, today it's raining men on Eats and Beats 'cause we're going to explore some dinner party looks for the boys. Thank you, Pinterest! (No, really. Thank you.)

Source: Suited-Lifestyle

This one might be my favorite of all the looks. What fantastic, effortless style. Source: Modern Dapper

Love the fresh take on the tie. Source: Crossing Island Cool.

Source: Mugen Style

Oh, Paul. You with your icy blues. Source: Jachic

Beautiful pallet of neutrals. Well done, Ryan. Source: Men's Fashion World

Who would care if a hoodie walked into their dinner party if it were matched so seamlessly with dressier pieces? Source: Closet Freaks

Who doesn't love that the elbow pad is back? Source

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