Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Next Dining Room

I always hear people talking about what they want in their next home. Maybe it's just the stage in life I and most of my friends are in. Maybe it's human nature to want more or something different than what you have. I actually happen to love our townhome, but I still think it's good fun to imagine different living spaces if for no other reasons than to tone my creative muscles and feel dreamy.
I'm happy to introduce a new column called "My Next Dining Room" (since we're all about dinner parties here) which will pay homage to the dining room as the gathering place of the home... and honor it for giving us an excuse to buy fabulous chairs. I take a table and match it with its soulmate chairs and lighting, and anything else I feel might belongs in the mix. The format was partly inspired by one of my favorite columns by my dear friend Brittany at The House That Lars Built. (She does this stuff much better than I do. So brilliant, that girl.) Anyway, it's going to be nice to have an excuse for all of the browsing and pinning I do!

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