Friday, March 8, 2013

Chalk It Up

The chalkboard trend has been in full swing for quite some time now, showing itself in nearly every kind of craft and decor. I remember seeing these Modular Chalkboard Tiles from Pottery Barn, oh, 4 years ago (?) and falling in love with the stylish use of blackboards and blackboard paint in the home.
I guess maybe it just reminds me of all the great sandwich cafes of the Northeast and the wonderful, huge, handwritten menu boards on the walls or on easel form at the entrance placed strategically to lure you inside. There's something reassuring about a handwritten menu. Perhaps it's the suggestion that the same kind of personal care has gone into the food as well. To me it means that the place still has a heartbeat, and that it's unhampered by the policies of big chain restaurants. That it could give you a free cup of soup or chocolate chip cookie on the side just because business is slow that day. *sigh* I miss New England...

Anywho, with the blackboard look as popular as chevron, macarons, and salted caramel, it's no surprise that it has entrenched itself in the dining & entertaining market. Here are some of my favorite picks.
Chalk Talk Ceramic Namecards. Could also be used as cheese labels! World Market.

Chalkboard Tablet. Thinking of ways to use this for overnight guests. West Elm.

Chalkboard Planter. Great for table settings as part of a centerpiece or as herbal or floral name card holders. West Elm.


  1. Love this post, Janna! Such cute ideas. Love the first photo of your dining area!

  2. hmmm...wait. Is that your house? It looks like yours!