Thursday, February 21, 2013

Music Playlist- Fast Friends

"And I made her laugh, I made a pass,
I showed her my half dollar ring
She said, 'That's pretty cool,
But classy girls don't kiss in bars, you fool'"  - Classy Girls, The Lumineers

Nothing like a good, gritty lyric, I say, and the Lumineers are full of 'em. 

Speaking of being full, I have been up to my ears in music in an attempt to get a leg up on a dinner party we're throwing in a couple of weeks. Even though we all know each other, we've never gotten everyone together, but I have a feeling the five couples are going to make for an easy and dynamic combination. 

This playlist, named for the quick bond we made with each couple, is designed to compliment the easy, lively atmosphere that naturally results from the company of intimate friends. Expect a lot of acoustic guitar, rolling beats, and heart from this one.


BIG PARADE   |   The Lumineers
CAPE COD KWASSA KWASSA   |   Vampire Weekend
YOUNG, DUMB, AND IN LOVE   |   Mat Kearney
HOLLAND ROAD   |   Mumford & Sons
WALK AWAY   |   Dia Frampton
A LITTLE BIT   |   Madi Diaz
CHIN UP   |   Amy Stroup
FLOWERS IN YOUR HAIR   |   The Lumineers
FIRE AND RAIN   |   Mat Kearny
I WILL WAIT   |   Mumford & Sons
GIMME A KISS   |   Madi Diaz
WHISPERS IN THE DARK   |   Mumford & Sons
GIVE A LITTLE LOVE   |   The Mostar Diving Club
HORCHATA   |   Vampire Weekend
CLASSY GIRLS   |    The Lumineers
LET'S GO   |   Madi Diaz
LOST AND FOUND   |   Katie Herzig
LOVER OF THE LIGHT   |   Mumford & Sons
OH LOVE!   |   Melissa McClelland
TELL ME WHEN YOU GO   |   Rue Royale
TAKE IT BACK   |   Katie Herzig
NOTHING AT ALL  |  Madi Diaz
TRAPEZE   |   Dia Frampton
STUBBORN LOVE   |   The Lumineers
THE CAVE    |    Mumford & Sons
COUNT ON ME   |   Mat Kearney
THE BROKEN ONES   |   Dia Frampton
WORLDS COLLIDE   |   The Mostar Diving Club
LOVERS' EYES   |   Mumford & Sons
WE'LL GO ON ALRIGHT   |   Rue Royale
GHOSTS THAT WE KNEW   |   Mumford & Sons
JUST LIKE HEAVEN   |   Katie Melua
DANIEL   |   Dia Frampton
GET ME STANDING   |   Rue Royale
BRAKE   |   Melissa McClelland
ALAS WE ASPIRE   |   Amy Stroup
FOREVER GOODBYE   |   The Mostar Diving Club
SNOW ON SNOW   |   Rue Royale
SLOW IT DOWN   |   The Lumineers

Important Note: There's a whopping 40 songs comprising over 2.5 hours worth of music. The last 11 songs or so are designed to accompany after-dinner conversation as the evening draws to a close. Grooveshark allows you to customize my playlists, so, for a long party I'd recommend programming the first 29 songs to play twice before winding down with the remaining 11. To access this playlist click here or stream it directly from Eats and Beats.


  1. Thank you for introducing me to The Lumineers! Life. Changing. Love em!

    1. You are more than welcome, Elizabeth! Aren't they sooooo goooood?!