Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Dice an Onion

A basic knife skill that will save you a lot of time and tears in the kitchen.
Lop off the top, or tunic of the onion, leaving the basal plate (the part of the onion that holds the roots) in tact, as this will hold the onion together whille you make your remaining cuts.

Cut it in half lengthwise. I'm holding the camera for this, but always support the vegetable with your other hand while making every cut.

Remove the peel. (Strangely, I forgot to do this part until later...)

Bring the onion to the edge of the cutting board, and the cutting board to the edge of the counter.

With a very shark knife, make a horizontal cut at whatever height you want your dice to be, stopping just before the basal plate. I'm making mine a medium dice: 1/2". A large dice is 3/4" and a small dice is 1/4". A brunoise is an extremely fine dice at 1/8".

Make another cut creating a layer the same height as the first.

Make a third cut (or as many after as needed to create even layers.)

Changing the blade's approach to the onion, make cuts lengthwise, starting near the basal plate. These cuts should be spaced apart the same distance as your first set of cuts.

Turn the board so that you're in proper position to make your final cuts across the width.

As you can see, mine aren't a perfect dice, but they really don't need to be. Get them as close as you can.

This time I decided to use my onion with a green bell pepper and vine tomato for vegetable-heavy scrambled eggs. One small onion, diced, one small bell pepper, diced, one-two cloves of garlic, minced, 12 eggs (I use only two yolks to make it healthier), one splash of skim milk, two pinches of salt, one pinch of freshly ground pepper, all beaten together with a whisk, and one-two vine tomatoes, diced. Sautee the onion, bell pepper and garlic together over medium heat until tender, add the beaten egg, milk, salt and pepper mixture, pushing with a spatula until eggs are almost cooked through, but still very soft. Add tomatoes and cook until eggs are done and tomatoes are just warmed.


  1. Hi Janna,

    I like this post. Very useful. Found it on TS. Good job juggling the knife and the camera, too.

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