Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eats and Beats Bargain Dining & Entertaining Picks

At this time of year I do a lot of online browsing for the post-holiday sales. I know I'm not alone! Even though I'm pretty well-stocked in terms of dining and entertaining pieces, I couldn't stop myself from looking to see what was out there. Well, I'm so glad I did because I found some beautiful pieces, and since the deals are so good, I thought I'd share them with you.

Here are my favorite low-cost picks for January. Happy shopping!

We have a similar one that holds our room-temp fruits and veggies when not in use for entertaining.

Nice lines, versatile, and only $5.21! Holy moly!


Having a bowl like this is so useful, not only for serving pasta, but for any dish that has a sauce.

Not really a dining or entertaining piece, but it's just so cheery and stylish!

Someone gave this to us when we got married and I use it constantly to serve bread, side dishes,
cheese and crackers... you name it.

Never really thought of myself as a bear person, but I kinda like the subtle way this calls attention to itself.

We actually own this piece. It's very high quality and versatile.

We have a similar set from Crate&Barrel and they go with EVERYTHING. A total must-have.

Click on photo to see pictures of these beauties in action. They're perfect!

Doesn't this seem perfect for orange juice?
Trays are great for serving drink service, small, individually plated items, and silverware.
They're also useful for outdoor entertaining. Easy clearing when you're ready to come inside!


I love classic dinnerware, and the shape of the bowl is what sold me on this set.

If browsing through dining stuff is your cup of tea, read my posts on how to build a collection of dining and entertaining pieces and how to select drinkware.

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  1. Love the carved wood serving platter. Hint hint...