Friday, March 16, 2012

Rainbow Fruit Tart

A bird flew out of the wreath on my front door and right at my head. It almost missed, and, thank goodness, only fluttered its wings in my hair before flying away. If you can believe it, this is not the first time I've been hit in the head with a live bird. One time when I was in a cafe, there was a black bird that had flown into the building and, sadly, thought the large window immediately to my right was its escape. It hit the window and bounced off the glass, down the back of my head and onto the floor. I'm happy to report that the bird survived, though I cannot provide you with a current update as to its condition.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with the rainbow fruit tart I'm posting today. Just felt like I had to share that with someone before I forgot.

Okay, so this is the crowning finale to your St. Patrick's Day menu. It's the same recipe as the Ina Garten fruit tart I posted about last month, except that this time I used totally different fruit, a greater variety of fruit, and I turned it into a rainbow! Serve this tart with the rest of Menu #4

Here's the various colored fruit I chose and some alternate options as well.

  • RED- Raspberries (or strawberries; blood oranges)
  • ORANGE- Oranges (or apricots)
  • YELLOW- Pineapple (or mangos) 
  • GREEN- Kiwi (or green grapes)
  • BLUE- Blueberries
  • PURPLE- Blackberries (or purple grapes; plums)

Again, here are the RECIPES for the crust and pastry cream.


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    1. Thanks, Alison! And welcome to Eats and Beats! I love new visitors. :)

  2. My God! It looks so delicious! :)
    Greetings form Poland! :)

    1. Well hello to you and Poland! I have to tell you, the tart really was delicious. So delicious that my husband ate almost half of it directly from the tart pan with a fork. :)

  3. Gorgeous Tart!
    Um, birds totally scare me. I'd have been flailing my arms and screaming if a bird flew anywhere near my head, or bounced off a window onto my head.

    1. Thanks, Julia! The bird that flew at me from the wreath did so as I was reaching for the doorknob, so I obviously didn't see it or I wouldn't have gotten that close in the first place. I was just in shock! The bird in the cafe, on the other hand... I watched that one fly all around the place until it came right at me, AND once it hit the floor, it hopped around my feet for a bit, so that one was scarier. Yikes!

  4. this is beautiful! being a science nerd I have to think of it as "visible light spectrum tart", but it means the same thing :-) Thekitchn linked to this, so you'll probably have a number of new visitors (like me!)

  5. holy what? You've been hit in the head by a bird not once but twice?! Are you ok? wow! this is gorgeous btw. I'm more into pretty looking food since I know I can't make any of it but I can admire the aesthetics.

  6. This is awesome - I can't wait to make it for a Juice Plus+ Wellness Presentation this month. Thanks!