Thursday, February 23, 2012

Music Playlist- Girls Only Cafe

Recently I was asked to create a playlist to match a baby shower my awesome friend Dannii was throwing for FIVE (count 'em) pregnant friends of hers. I don't know what's in the water, but it is resulting in a mini baby boom where they live in Thailand! (Keep your eyes peeled for a post on her event!)

So, let me say this. I was totally intimidated by the project for two reasons.
  1. Dannii is a creative GENIUS. Genius, genius, genius. And the girl can cook. The day she decides to create her own blog, I will be its biggest champion. Anyway, nobody wants to disappoint a genius.
  2. The theme for the shower was "Mum's Tea Time." Baby shower + tea time. Honestly, I was at a loss for where to start. 
What I ended up deciding to do was to honor the special roll of women as mothers but choosing only female artists, and then I chose songs that had a cafe sort of vibe as a nod to the tea theme. I also selected several of the tunes for how they might apply to a parent-child relationship, or for their childlike, cheery vibe. Three of the songs you'll recognize from the "I Wished For You" Valentine playlist, but the rest are new to the Eats and Beats music repertoire. 

Some of my favorites on the list are Dia Frampton's "Isabella," (track #5,) "A Little Bit" by Madi Diaz (track #13,) Miranda Lee Richard's "Beautiful Day," (track #9,) and "Wake Up" by The Ditty Bops, (track #16.)

How do you use this playlist? It'd be perfect for hosting a shower, breakfast, brunch, picnic, or dessert-centered event. Enjoy through Eats and Beats, featured right now on the right-hand menu, or adjust it as you please on Grooveshark!

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