Monday, February 6, 2012

February Produce

As I've said before (and as it says on the chart) what's in season depends in a big way on where you live. Yes, fruits and vegetables get shipped all across the country, (which is why I've created an all-encompassing chart,) but produce is never truly fresh unless it's local. I did a lot of digging to find a good, easy-to-use resource for what's in season regionally by month, aaaaaaand... I found something AWESOME. Epicurious, bless their hearts, created an interactive MAP! Click on whichever month you're curious about at the top, then click on your state, and it'll tell you what's in season! Le*sigh*. Here's the link. You are welcome, my friends!

Now for what's in season this month. Voila!

Consider this your official reference chart for all your cooking and munching in the next few weeks. Stick to this list, leaning heavily toward the fruits and veggies with an asterisk, and your diet will be more flavorful and nutritious. 

For those of you who tuned in last month, you may notice that this list is a bit longer. After doing more research, I've decided that January's list needs some additions, but since the month has passed, I'll wait until we're approaching January of 2013 to fix it and focus my energy elsewhere for now. On the other hand, the videos from that post are still totally worth referencing as they absolutely apply to February!

I think I might have a grapefruit with breakfast... You?


  1. I love cutting a grapefruit in half, sectioning all the little pie slices and sprinkling with sugar. YUM!

    Thanks for the produce list, Janna!

  2. Grapefruit is good broiled too!