Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Lootiful

I'd like to think I'm not a materialistic girl. However, when new kitchen and entertaining items get me excited enough to make my face hurt, it's really hard for me to jump on the whole "money can't buy happiness" thing. Really, I know it can't. I realize the only reason I get soooooo giddy over these gadgets and hoowahs (new word!) is because my life is already so wonderful in so many ways. But, the way I feel about my kitchen and dining toys is probably quite similar to how some people feel about their cars. I pour over the details: the lines and curves, the workmanship, color, sheen, the model and the make. "Vitamix. 5200 Series. TurboBlend VS, with interchangeable dry and wet blades. Purrs like a kitten," I say to nobody.

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. (Unscathed!) The whole weekend has been wonderful. Shawn and I went on a date on Saturday and then spent most of yesterday with his family. His mom made a fantastic dinner, as usual, and made my favorite cake! Among other things from friends and family, I received this gorgeous loot:

Le Creuset 5 1/2 quart round!
How shall I break it in? Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon?! I've died and gone to cooking heaven!
Footed Colander from Crate & Barrel
THRILLED that I'll be able to do prep work and cooking with more than the one I've been using. Pasta with chicken and veggies will be so much easier!
Stainless Pitcher from Crate & Barrel
We used one of these at our friends' home and LOVED how the ice didn't threaten to come bumbling over the edge with every pour. And the water stays so nice and cold!
Small French Whisk from Crate & Barrel
This little beauty has been on my radar for a while. The 8" size is great for smaller jobs like making salad dressing or beating eggs. 

What kitchen gems make your face hurt?!


  1. Ok. My Dad taught me about the Le Creuset pots. We have an outlet store here in Williamsburg and we walked past it and he said, "wait we have to go in." So we did and I about died at the prices, BUT then we went to a thrift store and we found one there for $20. Isn't that so cool? I made him take it home to WY because he was so excited about it. I think it put him over the 50 lbs. Way to score on the loot!

    1. WOW! Yeah, I'm pretty sure my mother-in-law paid more than $20 for mine, unfortunately. What a steal! Even if he had to pay a bit extra for the extra luggage weight, that'd still be a mega bargain!

  2. Please oh please could you show us how to make beef bourguignon in your new present! It's a fav dish of mine but Julia Child's recipe is so intimidating. You have a wonderful way of explaining recipes so I'm sure if you demonstrated, I could follow. We just tried the lasagna recipe you posted awhile back and it was divine. Best lasagna ever!