Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Music Playlist- I Wished For You

We have begun the descent down the Valentine's Day slide, which means it's time to give you another playlist! Without a doubt, Love is the inspiration for more songs than anything else. For good reason, I say! At the core of every human being is a desire so intense to love and be loved that when it is achieved or lost the result is some of the most powerful emotions we'll ever feel. Thank sweet Heaven there are people that have the ability to take those emotions and recycle them into their musical identity.

Here's why this playlist rocks.

  • It makes me feel all dreamy and rosy-eyed. 
  • It's a mix of raw romantic and playful. Laying it on thick with something too overtly romantic might have the opposite affect you're hoping for. You don't want to feel like your relationship pales in any way compared to the intensity of the music. So, I've taken it easy on the violin, saxophone, and Celine, and opted for the understated acoustic guitar instead.  
  • You can use this list for Anniversaries or dates as well!
  • There's a song on here that I like so much that I almost don't care that they use the word "lovers" a dozen times. "Told You So" by The Guggenheim Grotto.... The lyrics and music are just so darn great they get me every time, dang it!
  • I think you'll hear a lot of cool tunes you've never heard before, and you might even meet a couple of new artists. The faaaabulous Dia Frampton from Season 1 of "The Voice" released an album recently, and, let me tell you, it does not disappoint. She sings "The Broken Ones" for this collection. "Give a Little Love" by The Mostar Diving Club is another one to listen for. I'm in love with "Life Boat" by Miranda Lee Richards, and I just know you'll fall for it too. Of course, "I Wished For You" by Jasmine Ash is one of my very favorites on this mix, as evidenced by the fact that I named the collection after it! Matthew Perryman Jones, who I had the pleasure of seeing in concert at a small restaurant in D.C., makes an appearance here to perform "Looking For You Again." Nouvelle Vague, Karen Ann, The Bird & the Bee, and the lovely Priscilla Ahn (who my husband has a small crush on) are others you may not have heard of who will help add a little spark to your V-Day celebrations.
  • The song Shawn and I danced to at our wedding is on this list. "All I Need" by Mat Kearney is stunning. Apparently, he wrote it for friends of his who experienced Hurricane Katrina first-hand. Probably an unconventional choice for a wedding, but it's a beautiful and powerful song. And it was playing in the car the night we realized our relationship was going to turn into something big. Mat Kearney's actually on this playlist a few times, 'cause he's just that great. :)

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  1. Can't wait to try these songs- glad you can preview them and find the best cuz I can't find the time! Thanks for your inspiration!

    1. Hey, you bet! Glad I won't be the only one listening to it. :)