Monday, January 2, 2012

Hosting in the New Year

The New Year's Party was a success, I'm happy to report! Many young children buzzed out on Italian sodas running around the kid zone in the basement and lots of adults engaged in conversation while the music played in the background and the icicle lights hung securely in place, thank goodness. Let me tell you, hosting an Appetizers Three Ways Party is the way to go! Easy, easy, easy, and so much fun. The food was fantastic! Bruschetta, meatballs, dumplings, spinach dip, cocktail wieners, amazing fruit and fruit dip, cookies three very creative ways, veggies... Yum, yum, yum, yum. One couple was fresh into town so they were unable to get too creative in the kitchen. Instead, they brought chocolate three ways. No complaining here, let me tell you! I want you all to be able to share in the festivities, so I'm working on getting you a recipe for some fruit bruschetta I tried. So cool and so delicious! 

Okay, here's what I have around the corner in the first part of 2012. Shawn's birthday is just two weeks away, and he's also turning 30. Being the introvert that he is, he wants something quiet and intimate- just the two of us celebrating. After all the holiday bustle, I can't say I'm disappointed he's wanting to go small. Still, I want it to be special. More to come on his birthday. For now, just know that it'll involve some use of this beauty we received for Christmas from my awesome in-laws:
Vitamix 5200

After that we have Valentine's Day which is on the rather unromantic day of Tues. We'll see if we can't make it something to talk about anyway. 5 days later is my 30th birthday. 4 weeks after, though I can hardly believe it, will be our little Kate's first birthday! Whew! Off to a busy start! 

I hope hosting is on your New Year's Resolution list. Maybe even try going beyond hosting birthday or holiday parties, and into the realm of just-because hosting: my favorite! Isn't there something therapeutic about celebrating life and friendship without any particular reason or pre-established date? You can do it! Start planning soon, and come back and tell us what you've got up your sleeve! 

Happy 2012!

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  1. When I read that Shawn wanted to "go small", I totally read that wrong as "wanted to go to the mall"! I was so excited for you for a second there! Dang!