Sunday, January 29, 2012


Holy Toledo, we have been busy bees around here these days! Dinner with friends this past Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and today, if you can believe it! On top of that we had a basketball game, a farewell party for some wonderful friends of ours, and a baby shower. Somewhere in there Kate learned to step down the stairs, and Shawn & I managed to read a little of the 3rd Harry Potter book together. He's loving his first taste of the books, and I must say, this second time around for me still carries magic and suspense. Coming up for this week we have dinner with friends on Wednesday and Saturday. Whew! All of these gatherings have given me an excuse to make pasta from scratch for the first time ever (SO FUN!) as well as two of my very favorite dishes: Chicken Coconut Curry Soup and Buttermilk Spice Cake w/ cream cheese frosting. (Recipes coming soon!)

For the baby shower, I found myself so busy that I had to improvise a bit with wrapping. Brown craft paper (a favorite of mine), butcher's string, some chalk, and voila! Not too shabby, methinks, but then again I am a rather big fan of clean and simple.

Hope you're finding reasons and ways to celebrate even the most common aspects of your lives. See you tomorrow!

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