Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Music Playlist- La Vie En Rose

Many of you have probably noticed the playlist on the righthand menu, but it has been sitting there without introduction, and it's been updated! "La Vie En Rose" has a classic 1940's vibe even though it also includes music from contemporary artists such as Stacey Kent, Katie Melua, Olivia Ong, Michael Buble, and Bap Kennedy. I designed the list with a formal dinner party in mind.

A formal dinner party can be thrown during any season, but I feel like Winter or Summer are the very best times of year. There are a couple of reasons for this. Though Fall is my favorite season and it is very beautiful in many parts of the country (and world), it already is packed with holiday celebrations as well as the bustle of beginning the school year. Spring, though not nearly as busy as Fall, carries the major holidays of Easter and Passover, final exams, and school graduation. Once Christmas and New Year's have passed, Winter seems to calm down. And for most people, Summer is their oyster; it's full of flexibility and, therefore, possibility. Also, I just think there's something enchanting about Winter and Summer evenings that allow them to carry off a formal gathering with an added measure of elegance, don't you? 

Since Winter officially began almost a week ago, it seemed appropriate to highlight the "La Vie En Rose" playlist, named, once again, for my favorite song of the collection, (track #1.) Originally written and performed in French by the timeless Edith Piaf, the version on this list is sung in English by Louis Armstrong.  Translated, it means, "life in pink," but the sentiment is more accurately reflected in the phrase "seeing life through rose-colored glasses." Something we could all use a little more of, don't you think? Really, I can't think of a more appropriate phrase to capture the reason why I love to host. 

And just to tickle your romantic fancy as I wrap up this post, here are the lyrics in English:

"Hold me close and hold me fast.
The magic spell you cast,
This is la vie en rose.

When you kiss me, Heaven sighs
And, though I close my eyes,
I see la vie en rose.

When you press me to your heart,
I'm in a world apart,
A world where roses bloom.

And when you speak,
Angels sing from above.
Everyday words
Seem to turn into love songs.

Give your heart and soul to me,
And life will always be
La vie en rose."

Stream the playlist from the Eats and Beats menu or access it here on Grooveshark.

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  1. What beautiful words! ...and music! What every girl would love to hear :) the second song <3