Monday, November 28, 2011

This Week's Sandwiches

Terra Sweet Potato Chips
I wrote at the beginning of last week that I was taking it easy when it came to lunches for my family and our house guests, but that doesn't mean I fed Bryn and Alex bologna (not to insult those of you who enjoy this childhood classic, of course.) Our mid-day munching consisted of sandwich buffets with a variety of fillers and sides to choose from, eating out, and delicious dinner leftovers. Here are some pics from the sandwich buffet that Shawn and I are still finishing off, including the applewood smoked cheddar with hand-pressed paprika I told you about. 
Oh so delicious applewood smoked cheddar with hand-pressed paprika. Pairs very well with roast beef, and is also a perfect cheese for veggie sandwiches.

Fresh, classic hummus from Wegman's. Use as a sandwich spread in lieu of mayo or mustard.

Are you licking your lips?

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